lundi 11 novembre 2013

The First Friend

Ever wondered who is your child's first best friend? It's that first soft toy, his/her favourite teddy, doudou, comforter which your child clings on to every second of the day. A treasured teddy bear brings a smile to your child's face in the morning and a comforting feeling when your child's drifting off.
Doudou Nautrally offer a selection of natural, eco-friendly gift ideas for a babies and young children. Organic stuffed animals, teddies, comforters, teething toys. We aim to distribute high quality organic products made from 100% natural fibres and are sourced from reputable organic certified companies. Your child will love the soft textures, naturally dyed colours and fun designs of such brands like Keptin-JR, Kallisto and Lana Naturalwear and you will love the assurance of quality that they bring.